IRRADIA Ehepaar aus Russland — Aussergewöhnliches Interview (englisch)

Veröffentlicht am 20.12.2012

It is rare when something you would only hear about in science-fiction comes to life. But, in this story that you are about to see, fact is stranger than fiction! Please listen to this incredible couple as they describe their life with radiation and discuss their hardships with authorities. They need all the help that can be given. Imagine what benefits to mankind that they could provide if given that chance.

Stellungnahme dazu: (Danke deckard für den Link)
Later this morning I googled “irradia” and what came up first was on a project avalon forum, put up by “ann444.” Scrolling down, I found a couple of interesting comments about this couple, including several from ann444 herself, who apparently, became suspicious. Like this one:

They clearly have left Russia and live in Langley, Va. Today they have several you tube videos that are CIA recruiting videos, like this one: So disappointed in this. Swerdlow claims to be psychic so should not have been conned by them. If you picked up some clues from your understanding of Russian, would like to hear them. Yes, the photos can be eaily faked. Here is their facebook page for those who may not have found it:!/s…rradia?fref=ts
I posted a question on the facebook page, “What is your relationship to MKUltra?”. As a response, they requested a private conversation, but do not respond to my private messages.

But wait a minute! I looked at the supposed CIA recruiting video that ann444 mentions and don’t see where the irradia couple is associated with it . . .
In any case, it’s always a good thing to question one’s long-held, cherished beliefs, like this one: Radiation Is Always Bad For You. Is it? And could one of Irradia’s central claims, that one’s attitude toward radiation in part determines its effects on you, have merit?