Ever higher prices for diesel and gasoline: new all-time highs

At the gas stations, the prices for diesel and gasoline are now reaching new all-time highs. On Wednesday the quotations rose according to a report for Diesel on the average on 2,268 euro per liter. Thus diesel was again much more expensive than gasoline. Reason for the rising prices is the war in the Ukraine – on the one hand. Now, however, the ECB again did not raise interest rates at the latest meeting on Thursday. This means that the money supply – with the low cost of borrowing – is also one of the main drivers of inflation overall. On Thursday, prices for Super E 10 are said to have peaked at up to 2.50 euros per liter. Recently, Economics Minister Robert Habeck had estimated that prices per liter in Germany could also rise to 3 euros. To date, the government does not want to reduce the sales tax or energy tax on gasoline and diesel.

New highs for diesel and gasoline at gas stations

“The war in Ukraine is causing the prices of diesel and gasoline in Germany to climb ever higher. Diesel cost an average of 2.268 euros per liter nationwide on Wednesday, while Super E10 averaged 2.174 euros, an ADAC spokesman told dts news agency on Thursday morning.

These are again new all-time highs. Thereby the chances stand well that it goes in the course of Thursday further with the prices upward. The price of oil climbed by almost 4 percent in the morning, and initial data from the Market Transparency Office for fuels from the morning already show average prices of about 2.35 euros for the liter of diesel and 2.22 euros for Super E10 – with peak prices up to 2.50 euros per liter in some cities.”

Report with material from dts news agency

Photo: gas station on 10.03.2022, via dts news agency