Return to profit at Lufthansa

On Friday, Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr announced during the presentation of the company’s annual figures that the company had achieved a remarkable financial turnaround within a year. With an operating profit of 1.5 billion euros, compared to the previous year’s loss of 1.7 billion euros, the Lufthansa Group did much better than expected. Consolidated profit was also in the black at 791 million euros, following a loss of 2.2 billion euros in the previous year.

Spohr said demand for air travel remained very high. In fiscal year 2022, the Lufthansa Group almost doubled its revenue, reaching 32.8 billion euros (previous year: 16.8 billion euros). The number of passengers also increased significantly, with a total of 102 million passengers, compared with 47 million in the previous year.